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Ask any entrepreneur “what is business passion?” and they’re likely to tell you why they’re in business.  Ask yourself. Feel the business passion!

If I could listen to your answer, I’d probably learn that you’re the kind of person who wants to call the shots and do your own thing. You want to make your own decisions and make a difference. You would probably laugh and say you know you’ve got an independent streak, and you don’t intend to spend your life marching to someone else’s tune. Seldom is the phrase “I want to make money” at the top of anybody’s list.  What is the Real Reason people go into business for themselves?

I believe that PASSION is the sum of an entrepreneur’s reasons for going into business.  In my case, frustration, anger and love fueled my passion to become a CPA, a Financial Advisor, teacher and an advocate of financial stewardship. Yes, I have a small business passion, and YES, I’m in business for myself and NO, I don’t do it all by myself.

Even though my business takes care of a lot of other businesses, I don’t personally handle my own bookkeeping. It’s about business objectivity, time management and knowing the difference between being a control freak and specializing.

Melanie Radcliff CPA, Inc. provides me, Melanie, with tools to help run my business in a financially sound manner. I, Melanie Radcliff, CPA, am then able to live out my passion to provide other business owners the tools they need to be financially responsible and good stewards of their personal and business finances.

This is no different than the master woodcrafter, cupcake maker, or cattle rancher living their passion , doing their thing, and not spinning their wheels or procrastinating over specific areas of their business in which they are less proficient or task-specifically interested.

A client once told me the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ and led to their decision to hire my company was when they missed a milestone family event because they had computer problems while trying to run their small business payroll. Sometimes is just comes down to that.

More and more people are becoming small business owners, self-employed or are doing freelance work. Look to other specialized small businesses to help your business. Success breeds success. Your specific talent is what you do, and whether you say you’re a small business owner, or that you’re self-employed or a freelancer, do what you do best. Always remember to nurture and love you small business passion.