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Tax planning is essential to helping you successfully and legally reduce the amount of your tax liabilities. We have saved actual clients huge amounts of money!


Business owners, you only have a few more months to restructure your tax strategy. Watch our FREE 30-minute tax course, online and on-demand, with insider secrets. Most CPAs won’t give you this info for free!

Essential Tax Lessons for Women Business Owners: Don’t Be Caught Without a Tax Strategy for 2021!

Calling all women in business! Learn how to stop overpaying on your taxes and other things the IRS hopes you won’t find out about how the tax code works. Every business owner needs a tax strategy for how to maximize their income. This 30-minute session will help you to position yourself to minimize your taxes and keep as much as you can of your hard-earned money.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How and when you will use taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free assets to manage your income and tax brackets efficiently
  • How to avoid and plan for Social Security and Medicare ‘tax traps’
  • Tax changes that are coming up from the administration that will affect your business
  • Why small business owners may only be taxed on 80% of their business income