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Many of our professional clients turn to us for financial coaching in order to get their personal finances in order. They’re confident that we understand their specific needs and can help them set short-term and long-term life-transforming goals.

Our client tells his story of transformation through financial coaching and success.

Jamison Bonds, asked if he could send us a testimonial and, to top that off, he asked us to post it! Thank you, Jamison, for the wonderful words, the endorsement and, most of all, for being a great person, client, and attorney.

Jamison C. Bonds – Attorney at Law

“I came to know Mrs. Radcliff a few years ago after we met one another at a charity dinner. I operate a law firm that handles its fair share of estate planning matters, so I was excited to learn that Mrs. Radcliff is both a CPA and a Financial Advisor. This set of skills gives her a unique perspective that has proven to be a great asset to myself and my clients. Since getting to know each other, we have worked with many mutual clients, and I have observed first-hand that her and her team members all have a great passion for helping others succeed. So much so, that I was compelled to hire them to represent me and my business.”

Mr. Bonds’ testimonial is a profoundly personal story. So openly told, it represents challenges faced and overcome by many of my clients. He also allowed me to use his testimonial as a platform to tell a story of financial coaching on a personal level through my composite client, a young doctor:

Dr. Andrea Angel asks me to provide personal financial coaching

Like Mr. Bonds and so many professionals, Dr. Angel found herself stressing over her personal finances. Our firm handles her business accounting and tax work, and her practice runs smoothly, is focused, and strategically planned. Although we had talked about her personal financial issues, especially relative to her individual tax planning, Andrea was so focused on her patients, the success of her business, and her career, that she had neglected her own personal finances.

Though she had always been able to pay bills on time and was financially secure, she feared that her lifestyle of impulsive, unstructured spending could become a habit harder to break with each passing day. She had come to the point of realizing that unless she got a handle on the situation soon, it could undermine not only her personal dreams and goals, but could eventually erode into her professional life. Unsure of exactly where to turn, Andrea reached out to me.

Dr. Angel’s biggest struggles were money management and budgeting. She had the income, but was unsure how to use it most effectively. Since I manage Andrea’s business and was aware of her personal financial situation, I was uniquely qualified to objectively observe spending trends and help her focus on long-term financial solutions and lifestyle goals. Together, we developed short-term and long-term goals and strategies.

Andrea continues with her financial coaching. She realizes that to actually live the lifestyle that will bring her peace of mind and financial security, she still has work to do and attitudes to change before many of her goals are met and dreams come true.

Financial coaching is life changing.

After reaching out for financial coaching, Bonds is, as the second part of his testimonial reflects, feeling the transformation. We consult on a regular basis, and just as he does with his business, he takes his personal financial life seriously.

Jamison C. Bonds – Attorney at Law

“When I first came to them for my own affairs, I was discouraged about my money habits. I have always been good to pay my bills on time and keep afloat financially, but I did not excel at personal finances. Times have changed. Mrs. Radcliff and her team have helped me design a budget that fits my lifestyle, and they have coached me to a point where I now have strong habits and beliefs about money. Today, I am conquering my financial goals and my savings grows each month. Thank you, Radcliff Team, for your investment in me.”

Financial coaching includes some budget basics: It isn’t all about cutting back!

When people hear the word budget, the first thing that comes to mind is cutting back. A budget is much more than that. It’s about developing new money habits, allocating money more effectively, and getting the biggest bang for your buck.

  • Creating a budget helps you keep your eye on your long-term goal, whether it be financial security or finally going on that well-deserved dream vacation.
  • Do you have bad spending habits? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Budgeting exposes these habits, allowing you to make conscious decisions to spend money rather than doing it out of habit.
  • Losing track of how much you’ve spent is easy, especially since fewer people are using cash. Those card swipes add up quickly. With a budget, you go into spending situations with a plan.
  • Following a budget makes you better prepared for emergencies. Emergencies are a stressful, inevitable part of life. Adding an emergency fund to your budget can ease the burden when the unexpected happens.
  • Budgeting allows you to put more money away for later in life, allowing you to rest easy knowing you’re putting enough money aside to enjoy retirement.
  • We’ve all tossed and turned, our financial situation keeping us up at night. Financial coaching will allow you to sleep better knowing exactly where your money is going and how it’s working for you.
Anything else?

Actually, yes. When we all work together as partners, friends, business associates or neighbors, we encourage one another. By sharing our own struggles and successes, we can all benefit.

As your CPA team, we’re much more than number crunchers and tax preparers. We establish and maintain a personal and business relationship with our clients. We know that Your LIFE Is Your Business, and Your BUSINESS Is Your Life, and we take both seriously.

What’s the bottom line?

Financial coaching can be the transformational platform to change your life. Contact us. Let’s open the discussion with budgets or anything else you want to discuss. That’s what we do.

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