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Beans and rice? But I need a software business plan.

We help you prepare a great business plan for a successful business whether you’re into software, granite, music or medicine, or most anything.

Preparing a great business plan and creating a successful business is kind of like cooking beans and rice. Both take talent, work and lots of patience. millennial-cooksAdd some spice and creative presentation and you’re on your way to having a great business plan for any type business; and then actually having a successful business (along with a great recipe for beans and rice).

What’s this mean?

The ‘beans and rice’ of your business plan is a back-to-basics reminder that creating a successful business isn’t fast-food. It’s real cooking. There’s always somebody out there trying to convince us that they have the secret to a faster, better business; a less work, heat-and-eat, quick fix deal. No way. It doesn’t work like that.

Start with the basics of sound business principles and you’ll find that you’re already planning for success. Think ‘beans and rice.’ That meal isn’t an afterthought that magically appears on the dinner table. It took work and patience. Wash and soak the beans, cook for hours; and rice can be tricky. A budget, weekly menu and a grocery list were most likely involved long before the cooking even started. This is the mindset for success.

Now what?

As with beans and rice, success involves forethought, planning, patience and a clear understanding of anticipated results. Here are a few back-to-basic tips:

  • Do what you love
  • Do it better than anybody else
  • And we’ll do what we do best: provide accounting services built around you

Whether you’re just getting into business or you’re already in business for yourself, right now is the best time to take a close look at your business and it’s numbers. Is your forethought, planning and patience producing the results you anticipated? Are you sure your business is positioned to file tax returns that best reflect and benefit your 2016 activities? Is your business plan really a ‘beans and rice’ recipe for success?

What’s the bottom line?

We provide full-service, comprehensive accounting, audit, tax, acquisition, payroll services, everything you need and expect in accounting services built around you. Give us a call. Let’s get together and talk; we’re on the same page.

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