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Millennials and Traditionalists

Our clients, Millennials to Traditionalists, are all different, individuals with attitudes and opinions. Some of our clients begin stories with, “Back in Ought One…” and they tell us about their dad’s adventure back in 1901. One of our clients was born last year. That generation doesn’t even have a name yet!

Are you a Traditionalist? If you were born between 1900 and 1945 you experienced war, depression, hard times and prosperity. The family car could have been a brand new Model T and in 1969, you probably watched the Evening News and witnessed Neil Armstrong take the first step on the moon. You wanted large families, and if you were a ‘first-half’ Traditionalist, you probably never got over Elvis or The Beatles.

A Baby Boomer is generally one of the kids raised by the hard-working traditionalists. This generation known for rock ‘n roll, free love and flower power, born between 1946 and 1964, are retiring, living, working and still embarrassing their parents (and their own kids, too!) Boomers listen and pay attention! One of my Boomer clients said Facebook informed her she would live to be 120 years old. She just laughed and said “That’s almost 50 years more. I’ve got some planning to do!”

Are you a Gen-X?  Often wonderfully geeky, these independent thinkers and artists are the offspring of Boomer parents. You don’t particularly like to be categorized and you rocked at games like “Asteroids,” “Pac-Man” and “Joust.” You’ve probably told your Boomer parents that there are very nice assisted living facilities in their home towns and that, yes, you’ll help get auto-pays set up for them.

Gen-Y and Millennials are often grouped together, but are described quite differently. As defining characteristics, Gen-Y is described as more tech-dependent than tech-savvy, loving instant gratification and having big expectations. Millennials are becoming known for their love and desire for freedom, evidenced by nearly 70% who have never been married! They want more money but crave the flexibility to work when, where and how they want, and they’re tech-savvy. They are also about to become the largest generational group, due to soon outnumber the Boomers.

Our clients are great people! If you’re looking for a full-service accounting firm to handle provide payroll services,  business tax returns, IRS audit, or specialty accounting, business set-up or exit strategy, audit,  or non-profit reporting, you have found the right place. Contact us!