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Who is the small business owner?

Talented people often become small business owners because they have the expertise to do something very well. These same talented people may fail as small business owners when they try to do things outside their area of expertise.

Small business start-up

Successful small business owners include:

  • The brilliant product developer and marketer who struggled to understand his bookkeeper’s data entries. He took the next step.
  • A partner in the law firm who decided not to spend her weekends keeping up with the detailed regulations involved with LLC payroll requirements.
  • A popular local business handled payroll and accounting in their guest room turned home office. After missing yet another family event, they made other arrangements.
What is the small business owner’s biggest challenge?

The biggest, bottom line challenge to the any business owner is enjoying a full personal life and being a successful, meaningful business owner.

Small business owners must continuously look for growth opportunities that outweigh some commonly held misconceptions, including the belief that to control their business they must “do it themselves.” Another competing challenge to the new business owner, and any business owner, is keeping up with ‘new’ while remaining true to their talents in an ever-changing business world.

We have the secrets to success you need!

We provide small business owners the opportunity to discover and fulfill their business goals. Our specialty services include, but are not limited to:

  • full-service off-site accounting
  • tax planning, tax preparation and filing
  • money management
  • payroll
  • employee retention opportunities
  • targeted growth strategies
  • positive business exit strategies
  • Consultations and services built around you

Do you want custom, small business services based on individual needs and preferences? In a world turned ‘big box,’ stay unique and true to your talents while running a successful, meaningful small business.

We’re as close as a click, call or drop-in.

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