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Holiday gifts for grandparents

We always want our holiday gifts for grandparents to be extra-special, but sometimes it gets tricky. What does Grandma or Grandpa really want or need? And how do you handle it if things they really need don’t seem like traditional gift items?

These topics of need, companionship, love (and yes, gifts) came up often this year, possibly because I have more new younger clients, and clients who have been with me for many years are now grandparents and great-grandparents! One of the things I love about being a CPA is getting to know these wonderful people and becoming part of their lives.

So, without actually telling each story, I’m going to share some ideas and gift suggestions for your grandparents and other people you love:

Ideas for holiday gifts for grandparents and other great seniors

Electronics are great! For me, a must-have! If you’re determined to give electronics to your grandparents, be sure they want it. Check for holiday gifts for grandparentscompatibility with other components and whether they’re going to need help with the setup. Find out if they can afford additional or ongoing expenses such as faster internet. If you’re out of town or unable to visit, check back and find out if they have questions, or if they’ve had any problems with the new electronics. Have a plan prepared in case you find out they need more help than by phone or text!

I have a client who is able to visit and check on her grandmother regularly. She bought a decorative little box, filled it with manicure favorites, and gave it to her grandma for her birthday. She told me when she was little her grandmother let her play dress-up and put on make-up, and now those memories are coming back to life. An amazing thing happens, she said. When I’m doing Grandma’s nails, we talk about everything. It’s ‘girl talk.’ 

Another client was serious when he said he’d actually like to receive one of those fruit-of-the-month gift subscriptions. Thought it would be fun, and something he’d never do for himself!holiday gifts for grandparents There are lots of these clubs, including the Wine of the Month Club, Flower of the Month Club and, believe it or not, a Jerky of the Month Club!

Even if your grandparents aren’t on a tight budget, they might have space limitations if they’ve downsized. Give things you know they’ll use. Their favorite K-cup pods or specialty teas. Soaps, lotions, bird feeder and food. If they have hobbies, ask about their current projects and you’ll get some great clues for supplies they’re ready to use!

holiday gifts for grandparents

Your grandpa may be on a tight budget. Some supplies he uses regularly, such as those little packets of lens cleaners, diabetic skin lotion, vitamins, things like these, can become a burden. Fill up a tote bag with some of the items, put a bow on it, and let him know you’ll keep on filling it up for him. In addition to bringing him things he needs, you’ll be spending precious time together.

If you’re really not sure what to buy for a grandparent, a money gift card along with a reminder that it’s for fun stuff always makes a great gift! Keep in mind that even if grandparents have said they like a particular restaurant or shop, it might not still be, or might not remain, a handy option for them. A money gift card often works out much better than a specific location gift card.

Check out these great Dave Ramsey DIY last minute gifts. My personal favorite is #6, Hot Chocolate On A Stick! Also like #10!

Happy Holiday Wishes

As another year comes to a close, I’m reminded of the many ways we have been blessed this year. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with some of the finest people in this area. We have been honored to have the chance to transform lives in meaningful ways. Thank you for placing your trust in our team,  and use this holiday time with your family to focus on gratitude. Time with those we love is the most precious thing in life.

Remember, I always look forward to hearing from you. 479.478.6831 or Thank you!

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