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“Do I really need payroll services?”Woman explaining to her colleague

My friend owns her own successful business and has big dreams. She tells me she has no problem doing payroll for her six employees.

She’s a real ‘wear-all-the-hats’ kind of gal.


The rewards of a good education.

“…and,” she once reminded me, “I do have a college degree!”



“I can do it myself!”

My well-educated friend’s family and friends (myself included) were having a great time at a barbecue-by-the-pool birthday party.  Although I didn’t know it at the time, she was stressing over one of her I-can-do-it-myself tasks.



“What was I thinking?”

Her exact words were a bit more colorful when she came to my offices Monday morning. Payroll, which included vacation pay, sick pay, overtime and monthly tax deposits, had turned into a nightmare. She had checks for her employees that morning; but the unfinished work and ruined weekend marked the turning point in both her business and personal life.

She handed me a stack of folders and said, “You know, I do have a college degree, and I’m smart enough to know when I’m totally killing my personal life.”

“I want to think about my business!”

Most successful business owners start their own businesses because they have a passion about something they’re very good at doing. These are the same people who want control over their own lives.

Stay focused on your talent and enjoy life to the fullest. You’re willing to work hard for it and you deserve it.

The bottom line.

Contact me. I can help you save your life.

If you’re doing your business taxes, accounts receivable, payables, payroll taxes and reporting, money management, compliance requirements, etc., I can take care of that for you, too.

By the way, this story is true only in that it is a composite of several of my clients and friends!